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5 Ways to Get More Work + Skills Experience

Getting a job to start your career or landing clients is a catch-22 sort of deal–in order to work you need experience, to get experience you need to work! Whether you're an aspiring developer, creative designer or budding creator, these can help get you off the ground.

Here are some of the things that have helped me bolster my resume and refine my skills:

1. Pro Bono & Volunteer Work

Offer to do some work for a friend, local business or non-profit for free. (*gasp* I know, why would you give away your work for free?! short answer: you have to give a little to get some!)

It could be as simple as this:

Hey [friend/local business/band/non-profit],

I noticed that you don't have a website/logo/clear mission statement yet, and maybe could use some help. I would love to do some pro bono work for you.

One of my favorite sites that my non-profit has had wonderful volunteers from is Catchafire which is different kind of volunteering called...

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How I got my job at a $1.5B company by getting rejected

I got fired. Right before Christmas.

I was in shock. I thought it was my dream job.

How could I afford to (mentally and financially) celebrate the holidays with my family when I was worried about what I would do next?

The warning signs were there bubbling up. I was working all sorts of odd hours to work with a remote team abroad. And scrambling every day with a to-do list that seemed to be multiplying.

By the time I woke up each morning, half of their work day was done, and mine was just starting; with emails for me piled sky-high.

Instead of being cut down, I stayed curious.

I had seen a woman with an interesting title, Program Manager. It looked like her work combined education and technology. Ding Ding Ding! That's precisely my jam.

So I tweeted her (a ‘real' virtual stranger) and asked her if she could spare time to tell me about her job. She happily hopped on a Skype call, and it slowly unfolded in my mind, that what she work she was doing was exactly what I was...

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