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How I got my job at a $1.5B company by getting rejected

I got fired. Right before Christmas.

I was in shock. I thought it was my dream job.

How could I afford to (mentally and financially) celebrate the holidays with my family when I was worried about what I would do next?

The warning signs were there bubbling up. I was working all sorts of odd hours to work with a remote team abroad. And scrambling every day with a to-do list that seemed to be multiplying.

By the time I woke up each morning, half of their work day was done, and mine was just starting; with emails for me piled sky-high.

Instead of being cut down, I stayed curious.

I had seen a woman with an interesting title, Program Manager. It looked like her work combined education and technology. Ding Ding Ding! That's precisely my jam.

So I tweeted her (a ‘real' virtual stranger) and asked her if she could spare time to tell me about her job. She happily hopped on a Skype call, and it slowly unfolded in my mind, that what she work she was doing was exactly what I was interested in!

I had hope.

Months passed, and I saw her now and again on my timeline. Then one day out of the blue, she DM'd me, "Hey I saw this role, and it looked like something you might be interested in!"

And just like that, I excitedly scoured the job description. YES! This was what I was looking for. I had been job-searching and had my resume ready to go. Send.

Then within a few minutes after applying my hopes were (almost) extinguished.

I got an automated response email, I was passed over.

I *almost* bought into the stories of why I must have been rejected. Was I rejected because I'm not good enough?

It was at that moment that I decided to give it one more shot.

I hopped on LinkedIn and saw a friend was connected to people who worked at that company.

I messaged my friend my situation and asked, "Would you mind connecting me to someone there?" I didn't say I was rejected yet, because I had decided I wasn't done.

Like a Hogwarts acceptance letter flying into my living room (which btw, I desperately wished for at 11), I got an email intro to someone who was VP level. WHAT.

All it took was that person who believed in my potential.

Looking back, if my resume had sat in a pile, I would have waited...and waited and missed out on the chance to be a part of an amazing company.

Within a week, I interviewed and the next week, I received my offer.

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. –Steve Jobs


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