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I got my 1st job in tech 7 years ago...

and I want to share with you the things I wish I knew!

I didn't stick to the status quo, I stepped into my passions as a...

Developer, Program Manager & Product Manager

I’ve had the privilege to work at Microsoft + Squarespace directly in hiring and with recruiters.

I want to share with you what I wish I had known to fast-track getting to onsite interviews and letting go of self-doubt (aka imposter syndrome) to get to a 6-figure salary.

Your success isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter. 

I stopped waiting for permission to be myself.

You are ready to wake up to a career you love...

and get paid what you deserve.

Resume Revamp

Does your resume reflect your strengths?

And clearly show your potential for the role you're ready to step into?

Are you done with not hearing back after applying?

1:1 Coaching

What if you could attract a role that the right fit for you?


Group Coaching

What if you could be guided alongside women who's positivity and passion for growth radiates?

What if you could see your progress, share together and make connections?

Group Coaching Program

6-week program

tech career refresh

what you'll get!
  • Accountability
  • Resume Revamp
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Video Lessons
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Workbooks

...and more!
Limited spots available.

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1:1 Private Coaching Packages

3-month package


/ per month

or $1,200 one-time payment

(6) 45-min sessions

Step-by-step formulas

Workbooks and cheatsheets

Unlimited email support

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4-month package


/ per month

or $1,400 one-time payment

(9) 45-min sessions

Step-by-step formulas

Workbooks and cheatsheets

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6-month package


/ per month

or $1,800 one-time payment

(12) 45-min sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Career coaching is for you if are ready to...

  • step into the next phase of your career

  • set aside time each week for your career development

  • maintain your positive outlook and are determined

  • are ready to explore new options and opportunities

Career coaching is not for you if you..

  • want someone to do your resume for you

  • you aren’t open to any constructive criticism or feedback

  • won’t take action and want to stay stuck where you are

Coming from a ‘non-traditional’ background (non-CS degree), I know what it’s like to transition into tech to start and then figure out a whole new identity as I went from Developer to Program Manager and then another pivot to Technical Product Manager.

My signature career coaching programs are based on over 7 years of working in tech within hiring, with recruiters and as a job-seeker.

I’ve interviewed at any size from the big 4 (large companies), to small startups, and my background is in STEM education advocacy and teaching. I started off by co-founding a 501(c)3 non-profit teaching kids to code, then managed a full-time technical training program for unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers well as a TA at 2 coding bootcamps.

I’ve also been rejected dozens of dozens of times (so that you don’t have to be!) Along the way, I’ve developed my own signature framework to reframe yours skill and experience to start getting interviews.

Select Achievements

  • Columbia University Entrepreneurship Fellow

  • Career Coach Certification (in progress)

  • Confidence Coach Certification (in progress)

  • General Assembly Product Management Certificate

Select Awards & Recognition

  • U.S. White House ‘Champion of Change’ for Tech Inclusion from former President Barack Obama

  • Glamour Magazine's 'Top 35 Women Under 35 Changing the Tech Industry'

  • Crain’s Hispanic Executive & Entrepreneur Awards ‘Latino to Watch’

Our sessions are virtual! I offer video and phone call sessions to connect from anywhere in the world.

I am based in NYC, Eastern Standard Time (EST -4), my general availability is weekends and some weekday evenings.

I recommend 1:1 private coaching for an experienced tailored to your unique needs and career goals usually 3-month or up to 6-month packages.

I recommend group coaching for those who are looking for a deeper understanding of foundational tech job-seeking techniques and accountability through a standardized curriculum.

In the chance that we’re not a fit at the moment, I am happy to refer you to other career coaches who may have offerings that are better suited for your needs.


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